Audens Values

Our values are the guidelines that govern our professional activity as Audens Group employees.

Ongoing improvement

We seek excellence in products, processes and organisation. We create a climate that lends itself to experimentation, creativity and change.


  • Learning and teamwork: We promote cross-cutting cooperation and the transfer of knowledge through teamwork.
  • Research: We seek new products that satisfy our consumers and customers. We research the ongoing improvements to our product range.
  • Organisation: Our organisation is enhanced through the development of people, groups, their interactions and work processes. We simplify and improve processes to optimise our efficiency and agility.
  • Business: We target tasks that bring added value to the business. We always work in a results-oriented manner, for the benefit of everyone.


We work to bring satisfaction and contribute value to our environment: consumers, clients, workers, suppliers, shareholders, and society.


  • Consumers and customers: We adapt to suit the tastes of consumers and the requirements of our customers. We endeavour to ensure the products in our portfolio are as healthy and tasty as possible.
  • Employees: We respect our personnel. We seek to ensure they are supported through professional and respectful leadership. We minimise occupational risks. We acknowledge good work and give positive feedback.
  • Suppliers: We involve them in our values in order to be better together. We contribute to their prosperity.
  • Shareholders: We strive to be a profitable company, in order to achieve a sustainable business in the short and long term.
  • Society: We endeavour to be a company that is socially responsible with the environment in which we do business.


The way we behave builds relationships based on honesty, respect and transparency.


  • Honesty: We act with the best intentions and with integrity from any workplace. We are notable for being self-demanding and self-responsible.
  • Respect: We treat people (the team, bosses, colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.) as we would like to be treated to us. We create relationships based on trust, dignity and respect.
  • Transparency: We act transparently and consistently.


We identify with the things we do, and we do them eagerly, with intensity and enthusiasm.


  • Eagerly: When we work on a project, we do so with enthusiasm and endeavour to pass it on to other colleagues.
  • Intensity: In our day-to-day work, we do every task in an effort to give the best of ourselves, and we focus on the goals of the company/department.
  • Enthusiasm: We don’t let ourselves be overcome by difficulties, but rather we turn them into a chance to continue progressing.