Our commitment

We are committed to achieving a sustainable agrifood chain based on total quality and social responsibility.

Our Commitment

We are committed to achieving a sustainable agrifood chain, that is considered profitable and long-lasting.
Together with suppliers and customers, we work on the basic pillars of sustainability, which are total quality and social responsibility.
Our Commitment is part of the corporate Vision and its goal is to satisfy customers, workers, shareholders, suppliers and society.
A commitment to what is good across the board.

Origin, Environment and Raw Materials

All the products we produce originate from the earth, and we are committed to treating it with respect, care and responsibility.
Through our suppliers we seek to be specialists in each of the strategic raw materials, in order to achieve efficient, competitive and the highest-quality supply.
At the Audens Group, we work with nearby suppliers to supply our raw materials, wherever possible. For example, we obtain the fresh milk and chicken we use in our plants from suppliers located around 60 km from these facilities.
We select only the best raw materials in order to guarantee the best product.
What is good is very close.

Total quality

We constantly invest in new facilities and in their production capacity, we develop talent by training our workers to contribute to ongoing improvement and their own personal growth.
We seek excellence in the agrifood chain. We share goals and strategies with our suppliers and customers by involving them in our total-quality Commitment.
We renew our quality certifications on a yearly basis at the highest level, and we audit our suppliers to guarantee their quality processes.
What is good is achieving the total quality in all the links in the chain.
What is good is achieving the total quality in all the links in the chain.

Food safety

We are committed to safe food, because our consumers’ peace of mind must be non-negotiable and it is our top priority.
We invest in ensuring food quality and safety because it is a commitment to society as a whole. We want every single one of the people who consume our products to enjoy, feel safe and fully satisfied with their choice.
What is good is also safe.

Nutritional balance and pleasure

When we eat one of our products and exclaim “So good!”, we are talking about much more than its excellent taste.
We know the nutritional properties and values of the food and each nutrient’s recommended daily amounts. We are committed to always seeking nutritional balance, while providing pleasure.
Our Commitment is to achieve the organoleptic excellence of our products using the best raw materials, with no additives and with innovative recipes that feature high culinary value.
What is good is seeking responsible pleasure.


People are a key pillar to our Commitment. It depends on your well-being that our food chain is in good health.
We invest in training and developing our workers’ talent, championing internal promotion and gender equality.
We collaborate with food banks, facilitate the employment of people at risk of social exclusion and sponsor non-profit organisations that strive for the well-being of society.
What is good is that people feel good.

Your Commitment

This is our Commitment. You are invited to join it because what is good is when we all share the same goal.
Achieving Commitment from each of us, as links in the agrifood chain, is the only way to contribute to a better future for everyone.
Knowing how to relate and engage with each other will make us better. Because today it is not about more but rather about better, and we will only get more by doing the best.
Join the Commitment to what is good.